Liberal candidate caroline currie seat of whitlam resigns from House of Lords

Liberal candidate caroline currie seat of whitlam resigns from House of Lords

The seat of Whitlam is currently held by Labour’s Caroline Currie and her party colleagues are urging her to stand down after she announced she was leaving the Lords in protest against the government’s austerity measures.

Ms Currie told reporters outside her constituency office she was leaving after eight years, saying: „I couldn’t take the party more on.“

„I will not be leading the party but the views of so many members of the community are very clear and I feel betrayed.

„I had been fighting against the cuts since 2005, but that hasn’t changed as the Labour Party has been in denial that people are being deprived of basic services and services that they have worked so hard for.

„I’ve worked hard in my constituency for 25 years, I’ve seen the impact this cuts has had on people, but I can not in conscience continue to defend what government is doing when it is so unpopular.

„I’m not only disappointed with myself, I’m disappointed with a great many people with더킹카지노in the Labour Party as well. It’s clear that some are very sick of seeing the country go backwards.“

Ms Currie said she also felt her position as a representative of communities along with her family was threatened by the government’s actions.

Labour called on Ms Currie to continue in her seat as it had not chosen her for a parliamentary seat before the election.

She said her resignation was made „in the best interests of the constituents of West Bromwich East“ and „in her own best interests“, and she planned to continue to serve on the council where she works.

The council leader, Paul Taylor, said he had welcomed the Labour MP’s decision.

He said: „This was a difficult decision for me, but in the interests of those members of my council who are struggling financially, and others who feel as I do they need the government to have more of a voice, a role to play in deciding the future of their communities I think it’s fair that we go out and make that announcement as an individual, and let the voters make the final decision on who represents them.“

The council has been fighting against a series of measures intended to cut local government spending.

The local government cuts came into force earlier this year, with councillors losing the ability to set their own taxes, local services, and pay their own council tax.

But had also been told to reduce council staff numbers.