But, in this model with nominal rigidities, which is

Jauzac, M. And Richard, J. And Limousin, M. However, the kink model predicts only one pop, rather than the sequence of pops suggested by previous approximations. In the kink model the two layers produced by the single pop form the surface of a soliton bag that increases in size as the baryon chemical potential is increased. The interior of the bag is filled with abelian electric potential and the instanton charge density is localized on the surface of the bag.

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steroids But the correlation reproduced by this model is not quantitatively close to the observed correlations for most observed for most developed and developing countries. However, in the existing imperfect market structure, if nominal frictions in the form of price rigidity and imperfect inflation indexation are introduced, then the model is able to support the positive significant correlation between market capitalization ratio and growth for a wide range of values of the nominal rigidity parameters. But, in this model with nominal rigidities, which is essentially a New Keyesian model with capital accumulation and endogenous growth, although a positive and significant market capitalization growth correlation is re produced for plausible nominal rigidity parameter values, this correlation starts falling gradually with increase in nominal rigidity and becomes negative for a very high degree of price rigidity. steroids

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