A Tale that is cautionary Mandingo Parties Make A Mistake

A Tale that is cautionary Mandingo Parties Make A Mistake

I happened to be viewing Investigation Discovery and I also discovered this really interesting, significantly pathetic and really tragic tale. It had been a whole tale of the Mandingo Party gone incorrect. You all realize about my theories about mandingo parties, swinger parties. I’ve always thought that going to a perfect strangers house and sleeping with someone’s wife or allowing another man to sleep with your wife right in front of you was asking for trouble if you havent’ read my other posts on this subject, please do so. I experienced thought that when it hadn’t occurred already ultimately some body would wind up dead.

Anyway, this is certainly precisely what occurred within the whole tale of Joan Shannon

Joan Shannon had been a housewife who was simply hitched to a armed forces guy known as Dave Shannon whom raised her four kids in Fayetteville, new york. She along with her spouse, outwardly, showed up normal. But, when Joan would go to a “Swinger party, ” and fulfills a black colored guy called Jeffrey, things have a change when it comes to worst. Joan’s spouse, had arranged for their spouse to meet utilizing the Ebony guy Jeffrey at a swinger celebration because well…Joan had thing for Ebony guys or whatever they unfortunately call in the swinger community BBC…and no that doesn’t are a symbol of Brtish Broadcasting company. We know right here with this we we we blog exactly exactly how Black men’s penis were made right into a fetish for white people at Mandingo Parties. Therefore anyhow, Joan has intercourse with Jeffrey during the Swinger celebration. Her spouse watches the escapade and very quickly the encounter that is sexual to gang sex…3 or 4 dudes resting with Joan, while her spouse watches. Joan’s spouse is ok with this specific provided that there’s absolutely no psychological accessory and Joan does not get behind her husband’s straight straight back. He also video tapes her intimate escapades and keeps them for his very own “use. ”

But, soon unpredictably …(sarcasm intended) Joan begins seeing Jeffrey behind her husbands straight back and they start making love 3-4 times per week without her husband’s knowledge and soon the relationship that is sexualfor Joan) becomes emotional. She not any longer has curiosity about her husband and also will not have sexual intercourse with him at all. Whenever Joan remains out all night, without her husband’s knowledge, he starts to suspect he had originally encouraged, altogether that she is seeing Jeff behind his back and tells his wife to end not only the relationship with Jeff, but to STOP the swinger life, which.

Joan Shannon does not want to stop and starts to resent her spouse for standing inbetween her expected “lover. ” Therefore story that is long, Joan Shannon, that has become therefore covered up inside her intercourse addiction/swinger lifestyle that she ignored her kids, coerces her 15 12 months old child to murder her spouse. The 15-year shoots that are old daddy, while he sleeps beside Joan during sex one evening. It had been a hopeless try to gain the love and passion for her mom, who’d ignored the teenager all her life.

If the authorities are known as into the scene, JOan places on a work of a distraught spouse whom claims that her spouse ended up being shot by a burglar…but there is certainly one issue. There isn’t any sign of forced entry with no bloodstream on Joan at all. Finally, Joan seemed unemotional even apathetic when she had been questioned about her husband’s murder live sex chat because of the authorities. Quickly the police discover pornographic tapes of Joan and her numerous a lot of men from the swinger parties, including Jeffrey. Whenever Jeffrey is questioned, he tells the authorities which he had no love for Joan, he had been just within the relationship for sex, he’d no intention of making his very own spouse and kids and therefore he had nothing in connection with the murder.

Their alibi is he is at work that evening, that he ended up being and then he checks out

Soon it is found that Joan orchestrated the entire murder and this woman is sentenced to life in prison.

The ethical associated with tale is…don’t get around sleeping with married guys and women and think you’re going to obtain away for it someday somehow with it, you’ll pay.

The following ethical of the storyline is this, white men whom want to be cuckolded be careful what you wish for, don’t encourage your lady to bypass resting along with other males under the false feeling of protection that she’ll never fall in love and become unwaveringly devoted for you.

Don’t murder your husband simply so it’s possible to have an event if the man does not even actually as you. Simply divorce your spouse and hold your own personal if you wish to screw around with Black males so poorly. Why torment your family and spouse…just leave.

Black men, don’t be stupid and enable yourselves to be pawns in a relationship…well that is dysfunctional you’re most likely dysfunctional too if you’re consenting to being an integral part of that environment…so nevermind. It’s a tragic tale all over.

Simply the tale is of Joan Shannon, the caretaker of the season whom delivered her own daughter to jail on her very very own narcisstic, sex-addicted, stupid self. She actually is now rotting in jail for a lifetime. Had been it truly well well worth it, boo boo? All of that simply to fufill some fantasy…ruined that is racist-erotic many life…